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A Little About
Who We Are

Since 1943, Veg-Pak Produce Ltd. has provided its customers with only the highest quality fresh produce and customer service, and is recognized as being a leader in this industry. We take pride in knowing that we work as a family to bring your family the finest in fresh produce. The love and passion we have for fresh produce is reflected in our Harvest Fresh brand.

Today Veg-Pak Produce Ltd. continues to expand through the leadership of its dedicated management team. Company owner and President Mr. Vic Carnevale works closely with all aspects of the company and is highly respected not only by his peers, but also by the entire Veg-Pak staffs.

All three of Mr. Carnevale’s children have grown up with the company and learnt the ropes from the ground up, earning their current management positions and garnering the respect of those they work with. They take pride in continuing the traditions of respect, quality and pride that have existed at Veg-Pak for over 70 years.

Throughout the years, we have adapted to meet the changing needs of our customers in the produce industry. Our products are packed daily to make sure our consumers get the best quality produce

Our Facilities

Veg-Pak Produce Ltd. operates out of two prime GTA locations

Our major customer touch point is within the Ontario Food Terminal. The OFT is open six days a week allowing our customers an easy way to purchase fresh produce from us.

Our SQF (level 3) certified production facility always provides you with the highest quality produce that meet or even exceed customer and industry standards.

Our warehouse facility is located just minutes from the OFT. It ensures freshness, integrity, and quick delivery for all of our products.

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We provide you with only the highest quality fresh produce and we are recognized as a leader in this industry.